Forklift Training

Weather you are new to forklifts or an experienced operator, we have the right course for you.

  • Beginners Course
  • Operators Certificate (New & Refresher)
  • F Endorsement
  • Platforms
  • Attachments

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Wheels Tracks & Rollers

Heavy machinery generally falls into one of three areas: either it moves on wheels, tracks or rollers. To operate any of these you require the right licence for the weight of the vehicle and the required endorsement.

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Dangerous Goods Endorsement

Anyone who handles or transports any dangerous goods, e.g. fuel and chemicals, by road in New Zealand needs a D Endorsement.

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Manual Handling

When we lift and move objects, heavy or not, our body is working. If we don't lift correctly, extra strain can be put on areas of the body that can't cope with the load. It is very important to understand how to handle heavy objects, and even more important to put these methods and techniques into practice each and every day.

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