Biosecurity Treatment Verification

IVS works with treatment providers, facilitating approval of treatments and the timely release of goods through border security.

The IVS team are specialists in biosecurity treatment verification and assist treatment providers with supervision services or gaining approval to operate under the MPI-approved treatment supplier programme. Services include:

Treatment Supplier Programme for Importers and Exporters

The Ministry for Primary Industries is responsible for ensuring imported risk goods are treated to eliminate unwanted pests or diseases, protecting New Zealanders and our natural environment. Biosecurity treatment with imported goods may also be required and is applied according to the importing country’s phytosanitary requirements.

There are two models of delivery for imported goods biosecurity to be provided by approved operators:

  1. Supervision Programme - under the IVA supervision programme, an experienced IVS treatment specialist supervises each treatment application directly, accepting responsibility for the risks associated with the treatment delivery. Contact us for more information; or
  2. Approved Treatment Supplier Programme - through direct involvement with IVS, the treatment supplier becomes approved by MPI to operate a compliant system to provide biosecurity treatments.

The approved treatment supplier programme is a system designed by the Ministry for Primary Industries to make sure competent organisations and individual operators have the necessary skills and experience to be responsible for delivery of official biosecurity treatment activities.

Treatment of New Zealand IMPORTED Risk Goods:

Treatment of New Zealand EXPORTED Plants and Plant-based Products:

Examples of treatment activities include:

  • Methyl Bromide
  • Hydrogen Cyanide
  • Phosphine
  • Washing
  • Dipping
  • Heat Treatment

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