Approved Treatment Supplier Programme

The New Zealand Treatment Supplier Programme operates through the delegation of authority by the Ministry for Primary Industries. With correct operating processes and documented procedures, New Zealand businesses can be approved to deliver biosecurity treatment activities on imported or exported goods.

A series of certification standards allow treatment providers to undertake treatment activities under the Biosecurity Treatment Supplier Programme, on imported and/or exported goods.

What do I need to do to gain approval to undertake a biosecurity treatment activity?

IVS works with you to maintain your approval status through regular surveillance audits.

Step 1:

The first step in seeking biosecurity treatment approval is to familiarise yourself with the series of export certification standards and develop documented procedures which outline what processes your organisation has in place to comply with the standards. The standards can be found at:

Step 2:

Send your documented procedures to IVS for a review and ensure the documented procedures meet the Ministry for Primary Industries' standards. If there are areas within your documented procedures that require further attention, IVS works with you until your documented procedures meet the standard.

Step 3:

An IVS Biosecurity treatment specialist visits you on site to make sure the documented procedures are an accurate reflection of your organisation’s practices.

Step 4:

IVS provides the Ministry for Primary Industries with a letter of recommendation for your organisation’s approval, and submits this with a written a report on documentation and site visit findings. The Ministry for Primary Industries processes the approval and contacts the applying organisation with results.


For ongoing Biosecurity treatment approval, IVS will work with you to ensure your documented procedures continue to reflect your operating environment and meet the export standards. The frequency of site visits required are determined according to the frequency and types of treatment activities being undertaken, the organisations approval status and compliance history. IVS works with you to maintain your approval status through regular surveillance audits.

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