Australia – New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA)

Do my goods qualify for a Certificate of Origin under the ASEAN (Australia - New Zealand Free Trade Agreement)?

The following questionnaire is designed to assist you to determine whether your goods qualify as “Originating” under the AANZFTA Agreement. Originating goods qualify for preferential tariff reductions as per the schedule of tariffs here.

* ASEAN - Australia - New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA)

ASEAN member countries include:
Brunei Darussalam Cambodia** Indonesia Laos Malaysia
Myanmar Philippines Singapore Thailand** Vietnam
Agreement yet to be implemented in these countries **

By following the questionnaire you will be guided to whether your good qualifies for a Certificate of Origin or not. There are five criteria for a good to qualify:

  • Wholly Obtained (WO)
  • Produced Entirely (PE)
  • Product Specific Rule (PSR)
  • Regional Value Content (RVC)
  • Change to Heading (CTH)

Product may still be sent to an AANZFTA member country without a Certificate of Origin but will not qualify for any relevant reductions in tariff.

Accessories, spare parts, tools, instructional or other informational materials are excluded from determining origin provided they not invoiced separately and their total value is customary to the good and the good is not subject to an RVC rule.

Packaging material for retail sale should be accounted for only if an RVC rule applies to the good.

When determining origin there is no need to take account of indirect materials as per Article 1 part h of the AANZFTA agreement.

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