Certificate of Origin

IVS has worked hard to develop a superior Certificate of Origin service. We tick all the boxes and offer a quick turnaround time for export documents, including after hours and on the weekend!

Benefits of using the IVS Certificate of Origin Service

We are duly authorised. NZ Customs has approved IVS to certify Certificates of Origin for the following trade agreements: NZ-China (CFTA) and ASEAN/Australia/NZ FTA (AANZFTA) and we do it faster and better than the competition.

We are always here - IVS offers a quick turnaround time for export documents including after hours and on the weekend.

We know what we are talking about – IVS has a team of experts with in-depth specialised knowledge. The IVS online system makes submitting certificates hassle free. It saves products and consignees, it tracks and traces your certificates, and offers a layer of security to ensure the integrity and protection of your data.

The beauty of getting the certificate of origin right, is that once it is saved in the system, all the hard work is done. But don't just take our word for it, Jason McFadden (Branch Manager - Mainfreight Christchurch), says:

IVS Certification Services are an integral part of our airfreight business. Live products requiring CFTA certification 7 days a week and after hours are no problem for the professional, friendly and helpful IVS team.

Jason McFadden

Branch Manager - Mainfreight Christchurch

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To discuss your certificate of origin requirements in more detail, please contact us on 0800 021 169 or email email certify(at)ivsorigin.co.nz

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