Verified Container Weight

Give our mobile VGM service a go. You can easily book online and an inspector will come to your site, making the process convenient and fast. Weighing the container only takes a few minutes and the VGM certificate gets sent via email to you (and any other nominated parties) straight away.

What you get:

  • The container weighed on your site - (Service area: Auckland only)
  • Container weighing and certification is taken care of - no need to get or maintain equipment
  • Immediate results - the certificate is sent before we leave your site
  • Hassle-free service from a trusted independent third party

The benefits of using IVS:

  • Easy, online booking
  • No need to purchase expensive weighing equipment
  • No maintenance or regular calibration checks of your weighing equipment needed
  • No weigh bridges (or long waiting lines)
  • No need to weigh individual cargo items
  • Improved efficiency

Get in touch

Contact the team on 0800 021 169, send an email to containerweigh(at) or if you are ready


About the new requirement:

From 15 June 2016, shippers must verify container weights using certified weighing equipment and communicate a "Verified Gross Mass" or "VGM" to the shipping line. Without a VGM, the container cannot be landed on the vessel. Maritime NZ Rule 24B.4.4(a).

There are two approved methods for achieving the VGM:

1. Weigh the full container
2. Calculate the weight of the full container by adding together the weight of ALL the components and then adding dunnage, pallets or packing materials.

Maritime New Zealand has updated its website with relevant information. Click here for more information.

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