Container Clearance

Get containers delivered at your site, without MPI approval or having to train staff

You get to unpack the container, making sure nothing gets damaged and saving on costs

IVS sends an inspector to every container clearance, does the reporting to MPI and deals with any contamination found

Join the IVS Multi-location Transitional Facility (MTF) service for low risk containers

IVS is MPI approved to complete container biosecurity inspections at your site. Under the IVS system, you don't need to hold MPI Transitional Facility Approval, a Transitional Facility Operator, or an Accredited Person (AP).

What it means to you:

  • The ATF gets set up in days, not weeks
  • No need to train a Transitional Facility Operator or Accredited Person
  • No annual MPI registration fee
  • No MPI Facility Audits*
  • No documented manuals
  • No need to manage contaminants, IVS will dispose of these as part of the service

* Please note that IVS might be audited at the site, but this is our cost

How it works

  • IVS completes a site inspection to make sure the site has a suitable hardstand area
  • An IVS inspector will be present at each container clearance to inspect the goods and the container on-site (booking made by appointment)
  • IVS takes care of all the reporting to MPI and makes sure requirements are met

See the steps required for membership and initial clearance for an efficient MPI inspection and border security clearance.

Get in touch

If this sounds like a good option for your business, call 0800 021 169 or email mtf(at)

Alternatively, if you want to run your own Transitional Facility and need help meeting MPI requirements, one of our consultants can assist.
Call us on 0800 021 169 for more information about our Biosecurity Support Programme.

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