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CAA rules have been updated and must be complied with

Complying with New Zealand’s airfreight security regulations when sending cargo now means you must go through complex processes and protocols being enforced by CAA.


Why you should be a Known Customer

If you are not a Known Customer, your goods must either be inspected or x-rayed before they can be exported. This will incur further cost, freight delays and extra time. 


Becoming a Known Customer with AirCertifyNZ

AirCertifyNZ is a new programme that makes being a Known Customer easy. You only need to be verified once annually instead of by every Freight Forwarder or RACA, offering a united and efficient approach to shipping.

This programme has been a collaboration between industry experts including CBAFF (Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Federation), OneReg (Developers) and IVS (Independent Auditors).

You simply need to join AirCertifyNZ with your Freight Forwarder. Your package is collected, the declaration filled out and, that’s it, done! Multiple Freight Forwarders – one audit – one verification inspection.


What are the costs?

We understand the financial implications of compliance, which is why AirCertifyNZ is committed to being a cost-effective solution. We believe the programme offers tremendous value and benefits, helping you avoid alternative costly screening options. 
AirCertifyNZ has an annual cost of only
$990 per year for unlimited packages for Known Customers.

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Additionally, Dangerous Goods incur a NZ$130 + GST surcharge for a specialist to unpack and examine the contents to determine if it meets International Air Transport (IATA) requirements and complete a declaration and other required documents for the shipment.


How do you join?

To get started with AirCertifyNZ,  fill in the form below or if you have any questions, please phone our team on 0800 021 169 or email us at

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