Phytosanitary Security Check (PS Check)

Phytosanitary Security Check (PS Check)

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Phytosanitary Security Check (PIPS)

The specialist IVS team of registered inspectors provide assurance that the status of your consignment is not compromised during the time between initial inspection and point of loading.

The Phytosanitary Security Check (PS Check) is undertaken by registered inspectors at the port or at the point of containerisation. This is a visual check of the exterior of your timber product, any ISPM15 bearers that are in use, the environment in which the timber is stored and the interior of the container, if containerised and confirms that the product has not been contaminated or substituted since the original inspection. Wrapped packets will not be required to be opened.

A PS Check report is completed, supplied to the customer and can be used for phytosanitary certification.


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