Export Certification

The IVS export services team assists New Zealand exporters with global market access through trusted reliable product certification for the forestry and timber industries.

What is export certification?

Export certification is the process required to raise a phytosanitary certificate (Phyto E-Cert) and where necessary, includes the inspection and treatment of consignments. A Phyto E-Cert is an official document which gives government-to-government assurance the correct procedures and processes have been undertaken. It provides certainty consignments are free of contaminants, have been inspected and are verified by an independent verification agency such as IVS.

A Phyto E-Cert confirms the exporter has met the Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPR).

IVS managed services simplifies the export process for you

IVS acts as an independent agency to ensure each step taken to export your goods are verified and correct. The team are specialists in biosecurity solutions, complexities of international trade and country specific requirements for the forestry and timber sector. We simplify your business requirements, reducing the frustration and ‘down time’, so your certification needs are expedited promptly.

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To discuss your export certification requirements in more detail, please contact us on 0800 021 169 or email phyto(at)ivs.co.nz

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