Export Inspections

Export Inspections

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Our Inspectors are here to help NZ wide

The specialist IVS team of registered Inspectors assist exporters nationwide. Flexible, on-time services with minimal business disruption gives confidence to your export consignments. The accuracy and timeliness of any IVS export service is guaranteed.

IVS Inspectors provide onsite, End Point Inspections and Product Security Checks (PS Checks) reducing down time, assisting with importing country requirements and compliance. Our export inspection services assist with efficient border clearance.


What inspection services are required for the export approval process?

The export inspection of log and timber products is undertaken by registered inspectors in the log/timber yard or on the wharf prior to loading. Inspections are carried out according to the Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPR), to check product is free of quarantine fungi, insects and insect damage, soil and other contaminants.

Our on-line, real time inspection reporting system for log clearance, provides quick and accurate reporting confirming consignments are compliant with phytosanitary requirements. 

A Product Security Check (PS Check) may be required under some circumstances before a Phytosanitary certificate can be issued and export clearance approved.


Some of our other IVS services include:

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