Treatment Assurance Programme

Treatment Assurance Programme

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Quality Assurance

An independent quality assurance program for preservative treated timber.

IVS is an accredited inspection body providing credible and robust quality assurance programmes and verification services to the forestry industry. We have a specialist team of forestry auditors who understand wood processing, to give you technical support and advice when you need it. We work closely with our specialist accredited laboratory to ensure accurate reporting and quick turn-around of audit samples.

We deliver an independent quality assurance programme to ensure preservative treated timber can be used with confidence and will meet the expected levels of durability and product safety. The programme assesses compliance to NZS3640 and the AS1604 standards and is aligned to the New Zealand Treatment Quality Scheme.

Audit reports are comprehensive and highlight elements of your treatment system and processes which may place outputs at risk, as well as identifying opportunities for improvement.


Use of IVS Quality Assurance Mark

Participation in the Treatment Assurance Programme will allow the use of the IVS Quality Assurance Mark. This Quality Assurance Mark provides a visual confirmation that the treated timber has been produced under a quality system that has been independently audited to meet the requirements of the Timber Treatment Standards.


IVS Labs

Our client samples are tested by our in-house testing laboratory, IVS Labs which provides accurate and rapid test results. IVS Labs is IANZ accredited to ISO17025:2017.


Bundled audits and good advice

IVS can streamline the process through bundled audits for both your export certification requirements and the Timber Preservation Testing Programme - saving time, money and providing increased efficiencies for your business.


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