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The specialist IVS team of registered Inspectors assists exporters nationwide. Flexible, on-time services gives confidence to your export consignments, with minimal business disruption. The accuracy and timeliness of any IVS export service is guaranteed.

IVS Inspectors provide onsite, end point inspections and Post Inspection Product Security (PIPS) checks; reducing down time, assisting with compliance with the importing countries requirements and offering efficient boarder clearance.

What inspection services are required for a Phytosanitary certificate?

The export inspection of logs, timber or horticultural products is undertaken by registered inspectors in the log/timber yard or on the wharf prior to loading. Inspections are carried out according to the Importing Countries Phytosanitary Requirements (ICPR), to check for various forms of fungi, insect damage and other contaminants. An inspection report is completed to confirm the consignment is compliant with all exporting requirements. Sometimes, a Post Inspection Product Security (PIPS) check is also needed before the Phytosanitary certificate can be issued and export clearance approved.

Inspection is the first step in the export clearance approval process:

End point inspection

An inspection that takes place prior to logs, timber or horticultural products being loaded onto a vessel or sealed within a container, is commonly referred to as an ‘End Point Inspection’ and is the final inspection before shipping.

There are two ways to complete an end point inspection:

  1. Export services managed by IVS
    As an independent verification agency, IVS can carry out your end point inspection with sample testing of a consignment, improving your profitability by reducing the logistics and resources involved in checking through a full consignment, or
  2. Self managing through export approval
    Under the export certification standards, export organisations can apply to MPI Biosecurity NZ to become an accredited industry operator to inspect each log or piece of timber within your consignments.

Treatment requirements

In addition to inspection, some importing countries require certain plants or plant products to be treated prior to export, adding another layer of confidence and lowering the risk of specific pests being introduced to their country.Read more »

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