ISPM 15 Certification Mark

ISPM 15 Certification Mark

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ISPM 15 Certification Mark

ISPM15 is an international standard for wood packaging that indicates the wood has been treated or fumigated.

New Zealand manufacturers of wood packaging material, who wish to produce ISPM15 compliant wood packaging for export to countries or regions, and must be registered by MPI.

Compliant wood packaging will be branded or marked with the ISPM15 mark after the following has been achieved:

  • Notification of the country in which the wood packaging was produced
  • Statement of the official certification number of the facility that produced the wood packaging
  • Confirming the type of treatment the wood packaging has undergone.

An organisation can gain and maintain approval to apply the ISPM15 mark through an audit program conducted by an approved Independent Verification Agency (IVA), such as IVS.

Organisations can apply for approval to apply the ISPM15 mark. These include:

  • Producers of timber packaging
  • Exporters using timber packaging
  • Treatment operators i.e., fumigators, kiln drying facilities
  • Freight forwarders.

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If you are interested in gaining approval to apply the ISPM15 mark to wood packaging material, get in touch with us today and we will assist you through the necessary steps from initial application through to verification.

To discuss your ISPM15 certification mark requirements in more detail, please contact us on 0800 021 169 or email

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To discuss your requirements in more detail, please contact us on 0800 021 169 or email 

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