Border Inspection Process

Border Inspection Process

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Border Inspection Process

During an IVS border inspection the following is recorded:

  • Vehicle identity (VIN or chassis number, make, model)
  • The identity of the importer of the vehicle
  • The odometer reading at the time of the check
  • Any obvious significant water damage, structural damage or deterioration
  • Whether the vehicle is left-hand drive.

Once IVS has completed the border inspection, a pink NZTA sticker is applied to the driver's side windscreen wiper arm of the vehicle.

What if my vehicle has damage or deterioration?

If IVS identify the vehicle as being water damaged, structurally damaged or deteriorated, this is recorded. A green and yellow sticker is placed on the right hand side of the front windscreen to show it is flagged as damaged.

Do not remove the damage-flag sticker or repair the vehicle until it has been inspected by either an Entry Certification agent or a Repair Certifier.

Once the inspection is complete

IVS will upload the information to NZTA's Transport Registry Centre for recording on the LANDATA database.

Vehicle release

The vehicle can be released when:

  1. The pink NZTA sticker and the Biosecurity inspection stickers are affixed to the vehicle; and
  2. The vehicle has been delivered from customs control, or is otherwise permitted to be transferred to another location.

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