Post Inspection Product Security (PIPS)

PIPS requirements

For break-bulk product, such as loose logs or timber that is loaded onto ships individually, an export inspection must be completed. In addition, a Post Inspection Product Security (PIPS) check may also be required. A PIPS check provides confidence that the consignment status is not compromised during the time between the initial inspection and the point of loading.

A PIPS check is a ‘mini’ inspection and is most commonly completed on the port, or at point of containerisation.

There are two ways to complete a PIPS check:

1. Export services managed by IVS

As an independent verification agency, IVS can carry out your PIPS check for you; or

2. Self managing through export approval

Under the export certification standards, you can apply to MPI Biosecurity NZ to become an accredited to complete your own PIPS checks.

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